Welcome to Kindred Belle!
Welcome to Kindred Belle!
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About us

I started Kindred Belle with the belief that fashion should be beautiful inside and out. I'm a scientist based in San Francisco, California and a tree-hugging hippie at heart. Our designs are inspired by the magnificent and most vulnerable creatures on the planet. They reflect the wild, playful and vibrant lives these creatures deserve.

Each item is designed in the US and made in US or Canada. We ensure that the factories we engage with provide their employees a fair wage and  regular working hours with paid breaks. We work with shops that share our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint, sourcing fabrics locally whenever possible and donating excess/imperfect clothing to inner city shelters. We do not use any animal products or derivatives in our clothing. 

With each purchase you make, all profits are donated towards the animal on your clothing, and you become part of the kindred community that's helping raise them. Your purchase comes with a certificate and updates on how your contribution is helping wildlife. With Kindred Belle, we hope to bring you clothing that is more than a fleeting pretty little thing in your closet. You are choosing a friendship with majestic animals and all the other kindred spirits joining you in helping them. 

Look good, do good.