Welcome to Kindred Belle!
Welcome to Kindred Belle!
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Thank you, Fancy Scientist!

Elephant Leggings

Nothing excites us more than hearing from you! And it's even more special when the feedback comes from an actual wildlife expert. We are so thrilled about the love from Dr. Stephanie Schuttler aka the Fancy Scientist. Dr. Schuttler has carved her own unique niche in the world of ethical fashion. First of all, she is an actual scientist and an expert on wildlife and animals behavior. She is also a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger and highlights the fact that real scientists can actually be pretty girls too. It reminds me of this famous study. I've thoroughly enjoyed her blogs and posts, full of fun animal facts, science wisdom, peppered with good ol' fashion talk. It's also refreshing to meet authentic, passionate and accomplished ladies like her on social media, serving as role models for future women in science. We are so happy she is spreading the word about our missions with her Kindred Belle elephant leggings, and chose to celebrate #WorldElephantDay in them! 

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